Simple and User-friendly KNX Voice Control Interface Improving the Living Standards of NDIS Home Occupiers

Watch the video below of the ABB VCO/S 99.1 KNX voice control module being used in a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) project. This ABB device is compatible with Siri, Alexa, and Google which gives the end-user a reliable voice control interface between them and their home using the platform of their choice. 

Assistive technology that is out of the ordinary is now much more widely available, thanks to NDIS. The living standards of many people with disabilities have improved with intelligent home control making it easy and convenient to carry out everyday activities. 
The Stratus team strives to ensure that we are well educated and trained in  implementing true, reliable, connected home solutions. Effective planning is an integral part of successfully taking these NDIS projects to completion. Utilising technology that is not only reliable and of the highest standards.
KNX was the control system used in this project. KNX is an association of over
500 manufacturers including some of the biggest names in the electrical industry. Companies like ABB, Theben, Zennio, Schneider, Hager, Legrand, Somfy, and Siemens, all making KNX products that work as one system. From those 500 manufacturers there are more than 8000 different KNX devices that can all work together to connect your home.

KnxVoice control

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